Creative Gardening - How To Design One You Will Love

If you are looking for something fun and interesting, use your creativity for gardening. A garden is about planting and growing living plants, so what you are doing is creating. However, it's possible to add some of your own personality when you design your garden, decide what to plant, how to decorate the surrounding area and so forth. Being creative with your garden can sometimes need fresh ideas, so here are some.

If you like the looks of a topiary garden, which is composed of shrubs or small trees that have been clipped into recognizable shapes, you might want to give topiary a try. Animal shapes are the most common. In old books and museum Swimming Pool Landscape Design prints, you can see topiary gardens that were created hundreds of years ago, from all over the world. Topiary gardens are still enjoyed today. The first step in designing a topiary garden - and an important one - is to buy the right kind of shrubs or small trees. The next step is to learn how to clip and trim them to develop the shapes you desire. In general, plants that have small leaves work best for topiaries. Becoming skilled at this may take some practice, though you can find guides such as videos that show you how. If you know someone who is successful at topiary design, you could simply pay him or her to trim your shrubs; however, you will probably enjoy clipping them yourself. Without a doubt, you will have original and creative yard decorations when your topiary is finished!

One challenging issue that may arise is planting a garden that is on a slope. This would normally be a problem, but it can be resolved if you do the following. With small plants at the bottom, and tall trees at the top, slope variations can be diminished by planting in such a manner. Your garden can be very unique if you put in a stairway that people have to ascend descend when observing what you are growing. It is easy to say, but hard to do, that when planting a garden, you simply compensate for the slope by what you plant in the ground. Planting is fun, but on a slope, it can be very difficult, especially for those that are not creative in the garden.

You can also add fencing to your garden which will create a border which needs some creativity. By fencing, we do not mean a Backyard Landscape Design Ideas traditional white picket fence. Other materials that you can use include stone, bamboo, and railroad ties. Using shrubs or hedges is very popular with people that grow gardens. Regardless of the type of garden you are growing, you should use a fence of some sort. Your garden should have a very unique fence, making it distinct and pleasurable to observe. Always make sure that if you are going to spend money on a fence that it is in your budget to do so. And remember, be creative!

Not all people view creative gardening in the same way. In the final analysis, you can pretty much arrange your garden however you please as long as you give your plants a good place to grow with all the sunshine and water they require. There are many possibilities for making your garden more original, colorful and artistic once you put your mind to it.

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